Operation Shore Joy

Roller Coaster Goes for a swim

After Hurricane Sandy

It was just a few weeks ago when Hurricane Sandy made a left turn and visited the New Jersey Shore with devastating results. Growing up in Tuckerton, NJ I was well aware of the power of water and tides. I had walked knee deep through flooded streets and can’t count how many times I drove/walked in salt water that was a foot or less deep.                                                                        Many people will have to change their Holiday plans due to damaged or destroyed homes, cars, jobs, toys,etc.  I have done everything I could think of to help and even joined the Red Cross. There has been one small thing that I would love to do and  have been busily working on the details. One week ago  it was Veterans Day and while watching the 4 a.m. news an inspiration hit like a bolt of lightning and Operation Shore Joy was born.                                       The plan is simple. Have a large Holiday Celebration with presents for everyone. This event will be open to all residents who live in an area that has been affected by Hurricane Sandy. I plan to hold the first event in my hometowne of Tuckerton, NJ which was hit harder than I have ever imagined. 12/12/12 at 12 noon at the local High School, Pinelands is perfect in my opinion as it is my mom’s birthday and my parents volunteered countless hours with the board of education during the earliest days of PRHS .      Would love to hold similiar  events at Southern Regional in Manahawkin, where I attended high school and it serves Manahawkin, Baenegat and Long Beach Island. 90% of my life has been spent working, living and playing in Atlantic and Ocean Counties and bringing a small bit of comfort and joy to just these 2 counties are way beyond my capabilities, so I encourage others to duplicate my meager efforts.                                                                         There are 30+ universities and colleges , major sports teams, every Fortune 500 company, churches of every denomination, global corporations, major television networks, newspapers, radio stations, media groups,  civic organizations and millions of residents who are my new neighbors in a cute little town just minutes from Atlanta , Georgia.  Pleases help me accomplish this one small task. You may not be able to help with money, food or gifts, but  it is going to take more than one person to plan, coordinate, organize, handle  phone and email requests. The most urgent need today is to get this story in front of as many people, so please pass this along to all your friends, families, co workers, contact lists, subscribers, etc.                                             Please contact me via email at OperationShoreJoy@gmail.com or by calling 800-292-6020. Thank You for taking time to read this and want to wish you a warm, safe, healthy  and  Happy Thanks Giving.


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